Registration for the MarRINav dissemination workshop

5th December, BDC London

The MarRINav results dissemination workshop will be held
in the KTN Faraday Room
in the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH
Please proceed directly to the the Faraday Room on the top floor,
as the main KTN office will be closed.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

The draft agenda is as follows:

09:30Tea and coffee available
10.00Welcome, and aims of workshop
10.15Recap – brief overview of MarRINAv project and current status
10.30Context and requirements presentation – scenario and user needs
11.00Discussion and participant feedback:
Resilience capability – is the need for contingency, backup or redundancy?
Integrity/continuity capability – how may these user needs evolve in future?
What are the future drivers for change?
How will autonomy, digital ports & ships, e-Navigation, data sharing impact this?
11.30Coffee Break
11.45Candidate technology review: integrity and resilience
12.10Discussion and participant feedback:
What are the barriers to users (ports and ships) using such systems?
What are the impacts on human factors, training and skill levels?
13.00Navigation risk, conceptual architecture/infrastructure and service coverage
13.45Discussion and participant feedback:
Do participants perceive the same risks?
Are risk areas adequately covered?
14.15Presentation of the Roadmap and Initial Development (Demonstrator) Plan
14.45Is the scope and location of the demonstrator sensible?
How easily can it be scaled?
15:15Coffee break
15.30Next steps to implementation (MarRINav Stage 2?)
15:45Discussion on way forward – how to convince the policy makers

Delegates will be interested to read our reports Context and Requirements, and the Technologies for R&I PNT.